Garden Wisley duck leads brood to water

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Garden enthusiasts with a love of wildlife may have their hearts warmed by the story of Hoisin - the duck who made her nest in a hanging basket at a popular botanic attraction.

The bird chose a spot eight feet from the ground at the Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS) Garden Wisley.

Staff were concerned that the large drop and the long waddle to the safety of the lake could be too much for Hoisin's ducklings.

They had erected a table of dense foliage below the nest to cushion the fall and had planned to escort the family to the lake when they finally left the hanging basket.

However, sneaky Hoisin led her ducklings to the water all by herself in the early hours of the morning when no one was watching and it was not until they were spotted on the lake that workers realised they were gone.

In other news, Gardeners' World Live kicks off today (June 16th) at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 16 June 2010
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Garden Wisley duck leads brood to water

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