Garden watering still needed despite rain

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Individuals hoping to see their lawns and plants looking pristine next to their summer houses have been told that any rain should not lead to a watering can or hose being put away.

Paul Lewis, a student scholar at Treborth Botanic Gardens in Bangor, has told the BBC that many people may be tempted not to water their plants if some rainy days are witnessed.

However, with high levels of wind still in the air and temperatures likely to remain fairly high, there is still a need for plants to be watered.

He told the news provider: "The recent rain has been good for gardens, but that doesn't mean you should stop watering your plants, especially those in pots.

"It's been very windy, and that's very drying for plants. It's also still been warm, so the rain water evaporates quickly."

He added that many gardens will require a few weeks of sustained rain if plants are going to bounce back from a dry winter, because the shorter downpours currently being seen are failing to soak into the ground.

The Guardian recently reported that a rising number of younger Britons are seeing gardening as a 'cool' thing to do.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 13 July 2010
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Garden watering still needed despite rain

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