Garden owners urged to create asparagus bed

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Garden owners might be tempted to utilise the cold months ahead by setting up an asparagus bed and grow the hardy vegetable.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Bunny Guinness highlights the superior taste and quality of British asparagus over foreign varieties flown in.

She said that now is a great time to create an asparagus bed, so long as the soil is well-drained, deep and fertile.

Chairman of the Asparagus Growers' Association Andy Allen told Ms Guinness that the soil should be cultivated to 45cm and incorporate weed-free muck to help the vegetable bulk up in size.

Gardeners should also choose a sunny position, away from hedges and trees, the expert said, adding that for the first two years, the crowns must be watered in dry periods.

People keen to create a vegetable patch of their own could admire their personal allotment from the comfort of an attractive log cabin or summerhouse, which could also provide a great setting for a New Year's Eve party this week.

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 29 December 2010
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Garden owners urged to create asparagus bed

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