Garden market aiming to sell local produce

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A group of gardeners in Wales are attempting to provide an alternative to supermarkets by relocalising food production.

In news which may interest summer house owners, the Riverside Market Garden, located eight miles west of Cardiff, was opened in March on a ten-acre plot.

The garden is community-owned and is aiming to become self-financing within five years, mainly by encouraging residents to buy shares for £50 each, the Guardian reports.

"People have got so much choice now so there are very few market gardens and green grocers which source local produce," Adam York, who was contracted to open the site, told the newspaper.

Mr York also explained that part of the task for owners the Riverside Market People is to "re-educate" people about the benefits of using locally-sourced food.

"People are resistant to anything which looks a bit tired and the cheaper options have things in which aren't good for you," he added.

Meanwhile, gardeners were warned by the Royal Horticultural Society last week that heavy rain over the UK in recent days could prompt an increase in slugs and snails.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 22 July 2010
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Garden market aiming to sell local produce

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