Garden improvers can grow great sunflowers

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Those planning to turn their garden in to a summer paradise in 2010 can grow sunflowers effectively, even if the weather is not as stable as they would like.

According to the Northern Echo, starting the plants off inside can help give them a boost that will see them achieve similar results to a long, hot summer.

Sunflower seeds can grow into fully-blooming plants within 60 days of sowing if conditions are correct.

However, with the unpredictable UK summers, Brits should start theirs indoors on a sunny windowsill in March.

Single seeds should be planted into compost in three-inch pots, which can be recycled yoghurt containers or old plastic water cups.

They should be buried around one finger's width below the surface and watered with a rose head watering can to mimic rainfall.

Once the seedlings have begun to grow in April or May, they can be transplanted to a sunny spot outside.

In other gardening news, BBC Berkshire has revealed that the National Trust's Kingston Lacy estate is to add 46 new allotments for use by schools, community groups and individuals.   - 26 February 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
Garden improvers can grow great sunflowers

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