Garden hut owners need to have the right tools

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Horticulturalists need to keep the right tools in their garden hut if they want to make working with their plants easier.

This is according to Ann-Marie Powell, who said in an article for the Financial Times there are certain key items that should be purchased.

Hand tools are a staple for green-fingered garden hut owners, so having items such as trowels with sharp edges made from tempered Swedish steel could help individuals make short work of planting and other tasks.

Pruning is always easier with a good pair of secateurs to hand in the garden shed, while a quality watering can might take the strain off when hydrating plants, she observed.

Ms Powell commented: "The right tools for the job make light work of garden tasks.

"These are investments - they will last," she added.

Earlier this month, Build It editor Anna-Maria DeSouza said the coming months are the ideal time to get started on planting vegetables and seeds, news that might prompt summer house owners to invest in some tools.

Posted by Gary Carter    - 15 March 2011
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Garden hut owners need to have the right tools

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