Food growing becoming more popular

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Brits are increasingly using their gardens to cultivate their own food, according to new figures from one home and garden firm.

B&Q expects around a third of the UK population to try their hand at growing fruit and vegetables this year, the Times revealed.

Sales figures from the firm show a shift in consumer habits over the past decade, with 79 per cent of seed sales now attributed to food.

In contrast, statistics from 2000 showed that 70 per cent of seeds sold were for flowers.

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) fruit expert Jim Arbury told the Times that Brits enjoy the choice they have when it comes to growing their own food.

The RHS' Garden Wisley has 700 varieties of apples growing in its orchards, while the supermarkets only stock a few brands.

"It's also a lot fresher, and if you live in the city it keeps you in touch with the seasons," Mr Arbury added.

Meanwhile, Horticulture Week has reported that gardeners have until May 10th to dispose of any stocks of sodium chlorate.   - 09 April 2010
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Food growing becoming more popular

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