Fashionable garden hut owners should focus on purple plants

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Purple is the colour of choice for fashionistas this season and garden hut owners might want to follow this follow the trend when planting vegetables.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Constance Craig Smith explained that horticulturalists have been keen on purple veg for some time.

Among the healthy items that can give a splash of the "in" colour to a garden are asparagus, carrots and cauliflowers.

Those who want to grow beans near their garden hut might consider purple varieties of dwarf French beans - which have six-inch stringless pods - or the climbing bean Blauhilde.

"Whether it's runner beans, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli or potatoes, gardeners have known about the power of purple for years," the expert added.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Medwyn Williams claimed that growing unusually coloured vegetables is a great way for garden hut owners and other people with green fingers to encourage their children to eat healthy foods.

Posted by Martin Corby    - 08 March 2011
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Fashionable garden hut owners should focus on purple plants

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