Double layer of fleece could help tender plants on cold nights

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Owners struggling to witness all of the joys of their tender plants have been offered some advice to increase the chances of obtaining better results.

Steve Bradley notes in the Sun that it is currently a tough time for delicate plant owners as there is little sun on the horizon and sharp drops in temperature are regularly taking place.

However, there are steps that owners can take to protect their plants both during the day and the night.

It is recommended that more than one layer of fleece is used to cover the plants overnight, while keeping them above ground level will also help.

Furthermore, it is imperative that sun gets to the plants when it is out to enable them to grow.

Mr Bradley said: "The chilly days and nights we are getting at the moment can be fatal for young and tender plants.

"They are at a critical stage of development and can be spoiled (or even killed) by a sharp drop in temperature."

If the tender plants can be moved, gardeners may also want to consider transferring them to a greenhouse for protection.   - 03 March 2010
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Double layer of fleece could help tender plants on cold nights

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