Daylilies could make gardens more exotic

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Homeowners looking to bring an exotic flavour to the gardens may want to consider planting some daylilies to sit alongside their summer houses.

Linda Fort has written for Get Bracknell that although each flower head only blooms for a single day, daylilies can spice up the whole garden when in season.

She explained that the flowers are available in a range of colours, ranging from creamy yellows to oranges to deep purples.

Ms Fort added: "They are a tough, low maintenance plant easily propagated by division in the autumn.

"I pick off the dead flower heads every day. This keeps them looking perfect until the last flowers are gone."

She also explained that choosing the tallest varieties of daylilies could prove a wise selection as they require no staking, while interested parties should move quickly as the season for the plants is only in existence for a couple of weeks.

On the majority of occasions, the flowers have a tendency to open at sunrise before withering at sunset and there are believed to be over 60,000 registered cultivars worldwide.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 16 July 2010
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Daylilies could make gardens more exotic

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