Controlling moss the first step towards a nice lawn

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Controlling moss is the first step that an individual has to get right if they want to improve the appearance of their home with a nice lawn, a master gardener has suggested.

Giving advice through the Surrey Leader, Brian Minter remarks that "keeping a lawn in prime condition does take a little effort and a bit of experience".

The first thing he recommends is to try to keep moss under wraps, with the use of lime helping to put right acidic soil and allowing grass to collect more of the nutrients available.

Mr Minter highlights that too much shade, poor drainage and low fertility helps moss to thrive and so a slow-release, high-nitrogen fertiliser will help boost nutrient levels and deter moss.

He added: "Poor drainage is the primary reason moss thrives and is best handled by proper aeration, which means using either a hand or machine aerator to remove plugs of soil."

Moss could also be a temporary problem that emerges on the back of draught or waterlogging and is easily spotted as it tends to give turf an uneven colour.   - 03 March 2010
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Controlling moss the first step towards a nice lawn

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