Citrus fruits could keep cats out of gardens

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Home owners suffering with the problems of cats digging and defecating in their gardens have been told that they may need to attempt many strategies before finding a solution to the predicament.

Writing for the Calgary Herald, veterinarian Bernhard Pukay suggests that those who spend most of their day at home may want to keep a water hose on standby to spray any cats roaming among the plants.

Meanwhile, mothballs in cheesecloth bags could also prove a useful deterrent, although it is highlighted that this could affect the taste of some products being grown.

Mr Pukay added: "Orange or lemon peels (cats hate citrus), oil of citronella, cayenne pepper, lavender oil, peppermint oil, pipe tobacco, coffee grounds, tea leaves, eucalyptus oil and mustard oil have all been credited with keeping cats away from gardens."

However, he explains that that those opting to spray cats with water are told to avoid shouting at the same time as this will cause the animal to associate the water with the person rather than the plot it is invading.

Individuals could set up cat gardens on their own land using sand or very fine soil to prevent the pets irritating neighbours.   - 01 March 2010
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Citrus fruits could keep cats out of gardens

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