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Brits planning to make their garden beautiful in time for the summer months should start thinking about which bulbs they wish to plant, it has been suggested.

According to the Wokingham Times, it will soon be prime planting time for summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies and Du Caen anemones.

The newspaper added that March is the ideal month to get these bulbs in the ground, while "tender" species like eucomis and gladioli should be left until April.

Growers should ensure they choose a sunny patch of well-drained soil and a gritty top layer should help improve drainage.

Another species that should be left until April is nerines, which should be planted with their tips just above the surface in a warm spot.

These will provide a "beautiful autumn display of pink-scented flowers" if the site is chosen well.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society suggested that it will soon be time to prepare soil by turning it over, mixing in organic matter and removing old crops.   - 15 February 2010
More Summer Houses Articles
Choose summer bulbs now

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