Britons urged to take extra care while smoking in their gardens

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Britons who enjoy a cigarette or two while pottering in their gardens have been warned to take extra care as the hot weather turns fences and garden sheds into potential fire hazards.

This warning follows on from a recent incident in Torquay, which saw a man's flower bed and garden fence go up in flames after he carelessly discarded a cigarette butt in his garden.

According to a report in the South Devon Herald Express, hotel assistant manager Mike had to call the fire brigade to tackle the blaze after his own efforts to put out the fire were hampered by the family dog.

Fortunately, the professionals arrived just in time to protect his new summer house and to stop the flames from spreading next door, though the unlucky gardener realises that things could have been much worse.

"With all the hot weather I think it is worth warning people to be extra careful about where they throw cigarettes," he said.

It is believed that the cigarette sat smouldering for a little while in the peat-heavy flower bed before finally igniting again and setting fire to the fence.

This comes soon after Aviva advised homeowners to ensure that their garden shed is fully secured before jetting off on a summer holiday.

Posted by David Webb   - 13 July 2010
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Britons urged to take extra care while smoking in their gardens

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