Britons must secure garden sheds prior to holiday

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Britons should ensure that they beef up security in their gardens before they go on holiday this summer, it has been suggested.

Research by insurance firm Aviva has found that thefts from gardens increase by about 60 per cent in July and August in comparison to the figure for January.

As a result, the company is urging homeowners to make sure that any expensive items outside their properties are safely locked away in their garden sheds.

"Most homeowners are pretty savvy when it comes to securing their main home while they are away," said Jonathan Cracknell, household underwriter at Aviva.

"But it's easy to forget that garden tools, expensive children's toys, bikes and lawnmowers all make rich pickings for opportunist thieves too, so make sure they are also locked away and out of sight before you head to the airport."

Mr Cracknell also told Britons to leave a car in the drive if possible to prevent criminals from working out there is no one in the house.

Meanwhile, homeowners in East Lothian have been put on alert after a recent spate of about 30 garden shed break-ins, the Scotsman reports.

Posted by David Webb   - 24 June 2010
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Britons must secure garden sheds prior to holiday

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