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Brits planning to make use of their barbecue area this summer may be interested in the latest advice from Beefeater BBQ.

The firm told Garden XL that how the outdoor cooker is maintained can make a huge difference to how the food tastes.

It suggested that there is more to a successful barbecue than simply being a good cook and that properly cleaning the device after each use can extend its longevity.

"Although Beefeater barbecues are built to stand the test of time, without proper maintenance and cleaning, any barbecue can become the victim of harmful grease, dirt and grime," the firm told the online resource.

After scraping off any remains of food with a brush or other cleaning product, the barbecue should be washed with hot soapy water and a sponge to ensure it is in pristine condition for next time.

The unit should then be dried with a paper towel and a spot of cooking oil on the grill once it is clean could be a great way to ensure that the surface is protected.

Meanwhile, those hoping for the Met Office to predict a barbecue summer could be left disappointed after the body revealed that it is to scrap its seasonal forecasting service.   - 15 March 2010
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Beefeater BBQ advice

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