US influence on UK plant trends

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A new book which lists thousands of plants and gives information on where to buy them has revealed that the UK market is being influenced by growers from the US.

The Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS) Plantfinder carries details of more than 70,000 species, with 3,400 having been added during 2010.

Many of the changes to the annual publication have been thanks to the work of large US growers, who are continually adding new specimens to the market.

The organisation explained that the Hemerocallis - a traditional US favourite - is responsible for 400 of the new entries.

Furthermore, the Heuchera is also a plant that appears in many US gardens and is becoming more popular in the UK, with 30 cultivars available.

"What's interesting about the Heuchera is that one variety, Berry Smoothie, has come in with 29 nurseries supplying it right from the start," explained editor-in-chief Janet Cubey.

"We've never had that before."

In other news, the RHS recently concluded its Chelsea Flower Show, with attendees able to buy some of the exhibitors' display models on Saturday (May 29th).

Posted by Martin Corby   - 01 June 2010
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US influence on UK plant trends

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