Site of Chicagos first log cabin to be honoured

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The site of the first ever log cabin in the US city of Chicago, Illinois, is to be turned into a park to commemorate John Naper - the man who built it.

Recognised as the founder of the city, Naper came to the area from Ohio in 1831 and built the log cabin as well as a sawmill and grist mill, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The site has been recognised as the cornerstone of the city and has been purchased, with two archaeological digs to take place before it undergoes landscaping to be turned into a park.

"I think Joe Naper and the Native Americans that were here when (settlers) got here are probably two of the groups that need to be honoured the most, but somehow, they've been overlooked," city councilman Grant Wehrli told the newspaper.

The area in which the log cabin was located became Naperville, which is located in the west of the city on the DuPage river.

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More Log Houses Articles
Site of Chicagos first log cabin to be honoured

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