How to properly barbecue meat

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Brits planning to turn their garden into a barbeque paradise this summer may be interested in the latest tips from Beefeater BBQ.

The firm told that people tend to flip the meat on their barbecue more often than is necessary.

This is a common mistake and may be to the detriment of the taste and texture, it revealed.

According to the experts, steak should be left to cook on its own and should only be turned once, not multiple times as tends to be routine for novices.

"Many people, when entrusted with a set of tongs, have a great urge to flip every five seconds but meat cooks much better when left alone," Beefeater BBQ told the online resource.

Meanwhile, a new firm known as The BarbeSkew Company was recently created in the UK with the aim of taking the guesswork out of cooking meat outdoors in summer.

Its products automatically rotate skewers of food to ensure that they are evenly cooked.   - 22 February 2010
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How to properly barbecue meat

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