Dorset resident can keep log cabin

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A Dorset resident has won the right to keep her log cabin after the local council attempted to remove it, it has been reported.

According to the Bournemouth Daily Echo, Helen Lacy, of Sturminster Marshall, had been ordered by her local authority to take down her log cabin, with which she had replaced her mobile home.

However, although the planning inspector decided that the log cabin, along with a tree house, timber shed and greenhouse, can stay, the ruling also pointed out that, in principle, she had violated planning laws.

A Purbeck District Council spokesman welcomed the decision as a "useful yardstick as to the level of work that constitutes the substantial completion of a building".

Ms Lacy previously had permission to live in the mobile home for eight months of the year, although the council claimed that the new structure violated the rules.

Earlier this month, planning permission for a residential unit featuring a log cabin in southern Scotland, for children with learning difficulties, was rejected by Dumfries and Galloway council even though planning officials had given it the thumbs-up, according to the BBC.

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Dorset resident can keep log cabin

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