US log cabin owners face rate hike

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Thousands of US log cabin owners face sky-rocketing bills due to a US Forest Service permit programme's small print.

The organisation allowed citizens to build their wooden summer homes on federal land in order to encourage recreation and investment, the Arizona Republic revealed.

However, while rental fees for the land were originally around $130 (£79) per year for some log cabin owners, the same plots could soon cost $10,000 per annum.

This is despite the price rising to $1,677 over the four decades to 2008 and has caused much concern among those who spend their summers in their log cabins.

One such resident is David Allen, who inherited the log cabin bought by his parents more than 40 years ago.

The 65-year-old retiree told the newspaper that he feels the regulations, which state that fees should be five per cent of the market value of the land, are unjust.

The cost of forest real estate has risen dramatically in recent times, with his plot now valued at $200,000, meaning he faces a bill of $10,000 every year to keep the cabin.

Meanwhile, the Independent recently reviewed a Shropshire log cabin in which Brits can spend a week on vacation.

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More Log Cabins Articles
US log cabin owners face rate hike

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