US couple evicted from log cabin by skunk

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A US couple from Fredrick, Maryland, have been forced to flee their log cabin home after they were paid a visit by an unwanted guest.

Allen and Leslie Scott awoke in the night to discover a skunk had gotten into the crawl space of their log cabin and left a rather unsavoury present.

The house and all of its belongings now stink so much that the residents feel they may have to throw out all of their belongings.

However, they have been left with a dilemma due to the fact that their insurance company will not pay out if they throw them out.

For now the couple have taken up residency in Allen's sister's basement with their dog, while their cats have been left in heated sheds at the log cabin.

Meanwhile, a UK woman recently had her log cabin dismantled and stolen in the night, according to the Herts and Essex Observer.   - 11 December 2009
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US couple evicted from log cabin by skunk

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