Turn all attention to the garden in autumn

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As the autumn approaches, homeowners have been urged to turn their attention once more to the garden in preparation of the colder months.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Helen Yemm noted that early autumn "is a great time for a serious refit, when evidence of problems is staring you in the face and the soil is still warm so plants establish themselves quickly after the upheaval".

She stated, however, that in an "impressionist painterly sort of way", the garden is still quite colourful during these months, which could inspire some people to enjoy it even more by purchasing a log cabin to while away the days as they get cooler.

Ms Yemm suggested that gardeners pot their plants in order to revitalise the soil or put them in the shade, covering the roots with wet paper.

Once the site is empty, she instructed to pile in compost and organic matter, leave for a week and replant.

Posted by David Webb   - 28 September 2010
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Turn all attention to the garden in autumn

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