Summer vegetable growing tips

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Horticulture Week has published statistics from a recent poll which shows that 22 per cent of Brits will seek to improve their garden this year.

As such, it may be safe to assume that many will be growing their own food and may be interested in the advice of US expert Laurie Garretson.

She recently told the Victoria Advocate that gardeners who notice that their tomatoes are looking dark and leathery near the bloom end may be experiencing problems with soil content.

A dry spell followed by heavy rain can drain the earth of its goodness, causing tomatoes to struggle.

To combat the problem, mix two spoons of Epsom salt into a gallon of water and spread it around the base of the plants.

Meanwhile, squash plants which seem to be rotting near the bloom may have a fungal infection.

"Rainy weather and overhead watering on the plants' foliage can lead to many different types of fungal diseases," Ms Garretson said.

Once the rain subsides, the problem should go away, although gardeners can use fungicide if it persists.

Posted by David Webb   - 27 May 2010
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Summer vegetable growing tips

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