Pond owners should be vigilant over weeds

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Garden owners planning on revamping their green space this year should be vigilant to ensure their ponds do not become clogged with weeds.

According to the Be Plant Wise campaign launched by the government, a number of troublesome species can cause issues with not only ponds, but streams and rivers too.

The government initiative has identified a list of particularly harmful weeds which can suck oxygen from the water, suffocate other plants and cause flooding by clogging up flowing water, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) reported.

Many of the species have made it into the wild from garden environments, damaging waterways such as the River Soar in the East Midlands.

Natural environment minister Huw Irranca-Davies explained that such sites are under attack and that every Brit with a water feature has a part to play.

"Gardeners can do their bit to help stop the spread by knowing what they grow in their ponds and disposing of unwanted plants with the utmost care," he said.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently revealed that a study into the UK's ponds showed that a large number are not reaching their potential in terms of supporting wildlife.   - 10 March 2010
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Pond owners should be vigilant over weeds

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