Obamas provide garden inspiration

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With predictions of the hottest summer in years, Brits could be looking for inspiration for what to do with their gardens in 2010.

Those in such a position may wish to cast their eyes across the Atlantic to the White House in the US.

First lady Michelle Obama last year installed a kitchen garden at the presidential residence and has recently had it extended.

The 500 sq ft of extra grounds set aside for growing fruit and vegetables is a testament to the garden's success and will allow White House chefs such as Sam Kass to experiment further with home-grown foods in the kitchen.

The food expert explained that some seeds have already begun to sprout in the garden this year and that the team that looks after it has learned from its experience.

"For example, we planted our carrots a little too late. They were not as big as we had hoped, but the little things are tasty," he added on the White House blog.

Last year, the kitchen garden housed 55 types of fruit and vegetables and the extra land is set to see it host even more foodstuff in 2010.

Not only is the plot used to provide food for the first family, it also acts as an educational tourist destination, with schools invited to tour it on most Tuesdays and Thursdays.   - 31 March 2010
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Obamas provide garden inspiration

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