Log cabins offer balance between work and life

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There are many benefits to erecting a log cabin in a garden, with one of which being their ability to provide a balanced life and work environment, it has been suggested.

According to logcabinsdiscounter.co.uk, many people use a log cabin as a "separate office space" to get on with their work in a change of environment from their regular home surroundings.

Additionally, because they are available in a range of different shapes and sizes, there is versatility in the sense that they could be used as a giant garden shed to safely store tools and equipment.

Meanwhile, it is stated by the company that building a garden log cabin is a relatively simple process, which revolves around a base created from concrete.

With a log cabin having many uses, a man in Nottingham has opted to exploit his as a venue to practice one of his favourite hobbies.

Paul Reddington revealed to the Evening Post that he has seven pinball machines in his log cabin and he spends about four hours each week in the structure, building on his skills.

Click here for more information on log cabins   - 17 December 2009
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Log cabins offer balance between work and life

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