Log cabin used to house lizard community

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A log cabin structure has been erected to house a community of lizards displaced by a major construction project.

About 100 common lizards have been moved to the log cabin, which is protected by a reptile fence, after they were discovered while Thames Water was preparing the Long Reach sewage works in Dartford for a £40 million upgrade earlier this year, BBC News reported.

According to the news outlet, the lizards had been living right where the work was due to take place and were therefore captured and re-housed.

This involved putting down layers of roofing felt near their old home in order to attract the lizards onto the cosy, warm surface before moving them.

Claudia Innes, Thames Water's ecologist, said: "The lizards are doing well in their new home."

The log cabin was made out of logs left over from the construction works and is due to remain a protective base for the lizards until the project is completed in 2012.

Posted by David Webb   - 16 December 2010
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Log cabin used to house lizard community

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