Log cabin to be auctioned for restoration

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A centuries-old log cabin is to be auctioned in the US after being rediscovered when a fire destroyed surrounding buildings.

The historic structure requires tens of thousands of pounds worth of renovation, but the local authority is keen to sell the property, according to ABC News 27.

First built at the centre of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, in 1792, time and progress saw it surrounded with larger buildings, which eventually led to it becoming forgotten about.

However, locals are determined to see this part of their heritage restored and hope that a buyer can be found when it goes to auction in 2010.

The log cabin is zoned for commercial and residential and would provide a prime location for owners capable of refurbishing it.

The work is expected to cost in the region of $110,000 (£65,480), with the building going to auction with a starting price of $10,000.

Meanwhile, a Park in Catonsville, Maryland, has opened a replica of the one-room log cabin that was once the home of black scientist Benjamin Banneker.   - 17 November 2009
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Log cabin to be auctioned for restoration

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