Log cabin studio reaps photography rewards

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A wildlife photographer has revealed the stunning images he has been able to capture from a log cabin studio in his back garden.

Roy Hancliff, 65, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, has compiled a series of super-speed images of birds in mid-flight using a home-made photography set he built in his garden, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the newspaper, Mr Hancliff has snapped pictures that the human eye cannot see by employing a camera shutter that opens and closes 250 times faster than a person can blink.

This has even allowed him to capture mid-air images of still hummingbirds, which famously beat their wings about 90 times every second.

It was revealed that Mr Hancliff takes the photographs from a special log cabin studio in his back garden and later adds his own coloured backgrounds to the images to truly highlight the birds and remove the 'clutter' of the trees and plants in his garden .

Posted by David Webb   - 19 January 2011
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Log cabin studio reaps photography rewards

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