Log cabin owners urged to prepare for winter

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Log cabin owners have been urged to "prepare for a new season of gardening" ahead of a cooling in temperatures and the onset of winter.

Elizabeth Licata of Troy-Bilt, an outdoor power equipment manufacturer, noted that autumn is an important season for gardening when various tasks can help create a productive garden for the following season.

She therefore urged gardeners to focus on tidying their outdoor areas by clearing away dead debris and removing leaves.

"Pull plants that have stopped blooming or have been killed by the sudden drop in temperature," added Ms Licata. "Thin trees by trimming overgrown areas and removing dead limbs. Make two piles of waste, a compost pile and trash pile."

Elsewhere, she suggested planting spring bulbs early to allow them to establish strong root systems during the autumn.

Meanwhile, Helen Silver of the Property Styling Company recently told the Daily Telegraph that property owners can improve their chances of selling a home by making the exterior and garden more presentable.

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 20 September 2010
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Log cabin owners urged to prepare for winter

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