Log cabin owners told to know DIY limits

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Log cabin owners keen to do a spot of DIY have been warned to know their limits when it comes to doing it themselves. 

Sue Beeson, spokeswoman for AA Home Rescue, said that there is "a line to be drawn" between small DIY tasks and jobs that require the professionals.

"Anything that involves electrics or gas, unless you know what you're doing, you shouldn't touch with a barge pole," she said.

However, painting and decorating and putting up shelves are jobs that "with a little bit of skill, knowledge and care, most people would be able to do if only somebody taught them".

Owning an outdoor building like summer houses or log cabins could provide the perfect location to start from scratch and put up furniture and interior fixtures.

Earlier this week Nicole Swengley wrote an article in the Telegraph, noting that outdoor buildings are this year's answer to the spare room and are much cheaper than installing an extension.

Posted by David Webb
    - 25 February 2011
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Log cabin owners told to know DIY limits

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