Log cabin life can bring happiness

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Log cabins can offer people happiness through simplicity and peaceful solitude, it has been claimed.

Bob Linder of News-Leader.com noted that many people in rural America who have lived in log cabins over the years have appeared more satisfied and content with life than those living in modern urban dwellings.

"I've seen firsthand that happiness doesn't revolve around the conveniences of the modern world," he said.

Indeed, commenting on the large number of log cabins in the Ozark Mountain region of central America, Mr Linder suggested that the buildings continue to have a certain romance that harks back to a bygone era.

"When I look over the rugged, forested Ozarks hills and imagine being a pioneer building shelter for my family and clearing a field to plant crops before the next growing season, I find most of the worries of the 21st century pretty pale in comparison," he added.

Meanwhile, according to the recent Post Office Mortgages Homebuyers Report, having ample outdoor space remains highly important to many UK property buyers.

Posted by David Webb
    - 13 September 2010
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Log cabin life can bring happiness

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