Log cabin given historic status, but still at risk of being destroyed

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A log cabin in the US state of Louisiana is facing the threat of being moved to make way for a reservoir, despite having only just been given historic status, it has been reported.

The Bouey Moore Homestead, located in Washington Parish, close to the city of New Orleans, was constructed in 1870, though it can trace its history back further still since it was built from the timber of an earlier log cabin on the same site.

Now, the local Bogalusa Daily News has reported that the three-bedroom log cabin has become the latest addition to the National Register of Historic Places due not only to its age but also to the fact that it serves as an example of classic construction techniques of a bygone era, including the use of square nails and skinned pole rafters.

But, while the status means that extra consideration will have to be given to any federally-funded projects that could interfere with the cabin, the newspaper has also revealed that Washington State developers are looking at building a new reservoir, with the cabin therefore at risk of ending up under 90 ft of water before it can celebrate its 150th anniversary.

The application to build the reservoir is pending a decision by the US Corps of Engineers.

At present, around 80,000 individual sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which is administered by the National Park Service.

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More Log Cabins Articles
Log cabin given historic status, but still at risk of being destroyed

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