Log cabin discovered in Illinois

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A well preserved historic log cabin dating back to the 19th century has been discovered in the US state of Illinois.

The log house is believed to have been built by civil war soldier Franklin Robinson on his return from combat in America's bloody conflict, the Southern reported.

It was discovered by two local developers who were tearing down the exterior of an old property to make way for a new building.

Brian Kennedy and Steve Shaffner were surprised to find the log cabin preserved within the shell of the newer building.

Genealogist Juli Claussen was brought in to research the origins of the log house and told the newspaper that it was great to get a chance to see the cabin in its entirety.

"With the fact that it's on top of the hill and the history of the property, I am sure that that is the Robinsons' cabin, built probably right after he returned from the Civil War," she said.

Meanwhile, the Tualatin Times has revealed that the area around a local historic log cabin has received a clean-up from ProGrass and Northwest Tree Specialists.

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More Log Houses Articles
Log cabin discovered in Illinois

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