How the May weather impacts gardens

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The weather in May can be either a help or a hindrance to garden enthusiasts, depending on their preparation.

Often the driest month of the year, May can be ideal for planting seeds, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) advised.

However, it is essential to remember that new plants need lots of water in order to develop and growers should adjust their activities with this in mind.

In terms of sunshine, Scotland and Wales should see their best month of the year, with up to 180 hours.

The south of England will enjoy around 200 hours of sunlight, which is great for young plants as they begin to establish themselves.

It should also be less windy this month, although the odd thunderstorm can be detrimental to plants.

Gardens can suffer from the gales and hailstones that these weather phenomenons bring and growers should take action to protect them from freak weather.

Changing temperatures can also play havoc with developing plants, with hot periods making them soft and susceptible to scorching when the wind and cold return.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently published a list of tips for May gardening.

Posted by David Webb   - 06 May 2010
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How the May weather impacts gardens

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