Giant tortoise returned to log cabin home

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A giant tortoise weighing almost four stone has been returned to his purpose-built log cabin home.

The Genota Sulcata, who measures four feet long, was taken from his garden log cabin last month by an unknown thief.

However, police recovered the animal - named Johnny - just days later and he has now been returned to his rightful owner Shelley Williams of Caerphilly.

"I think, from what the police said, he was taken by opportunist thieves," said Mrs Williams.

"He was found by police during a raid on a house two days later. I am absolutely elated that he is back with us and back home happy."

She has since had the log cabin fitted with a new laser light and CCTV cameras in order to ward off any other would-be thieves.

The animal lover explained that she and her husband realise that Johnny, aged nine, is likely to outlive them, since giant tortoises live to around 175.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times recently suggested that log cabins were as much part of the traditional ski holiday as the activity itself.

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More Log Cabins Articles
Giant tortoise returned to log cabin home

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