Gardening videos go online

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American horticulture expert William Moss has teamed up with a media company to create a number of instructional videos for garden enthusiasts.

More than 30 high-definition clips will be broadcast on this week, with tips ranging from how to grow your own food to attracting animals and insects to the garden.

Bradford Media Group (BMG) chose Earth Day (April 23rd) to announce its link with the renowned expert.

"Everyone on Earth Day needs to take time to do something good for the planet. Get out there, dig in and get your hands dirty - it's good for you," Mr Moss said.

Earth Day had its beginnings in the Pennsylvanian city of Philadelphia, which is also home to BMG, and chief executive Brad Hereaux explained he is delighted that the firm has links to the celebration.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society has issued a ten-strong list of tips to keep garden owners busy this month.

Posted by David Webb   - 23 April 2010
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Gardening videos go online

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