Gardeners urged to make plans for next spring

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Gardeners should begin sowing plant seeds now to get the best results next spring, it has been suggested.

Sarah Raven of the Daily Telegraph pointed to ideal conditions for "quick germination" given that the soil is warm at the moment.

She added that with the recent bout of plentiful rain, "the top few inches of ground are good and moist".

Ms Raven explained that the roots of various plants will develop through the autumn - "when growing life is easy" - and penetrate to a soil depth where moisture levels and temperatures remain fairly constant.

"The seedlings can then grow slowly through winter to create a huge food and drink reservoir for quick growth when light levels and soil temperatures warm again in the spring," she added.

Homeowners wishing to prepare their gardens for next spring could also consider erecting a stylish log cabin or summer house. Alex Johnson, author of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution, recently told the Scotsman that a number of notorious literary greats and inventors famously produced works from their garden buildings.

Posted by David Webb   - 26 August 2010
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Gardeners urged to make plans for next spring

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