Gardeners offered plant protection tips this winter

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Homeowners can take a number of steps to protect their gardens from the harsh conditions this winter, an expert has said.

Nigel Colborn, a gardening specialist for the Daily Mail, noted that the "early freeze" and heavy snowfall seen in recent weeks has taken many households by surprise.

"Normally, I lift my dahlias for winter storage in late November. This year's cold snap put paid to that - they're all dead," he said.

However, Mr Colborn also suggested that a blanket of snow can often do more good than harm as it serves to shield herbaceous plants and bulbs from overnight lows and freezing winds.

The writer noted that homeowners should take their own protective measures where snow weighs down branches or "splays out" normally upright trees.

Homeowners seeking to protect tender plants from the snow and cold this winter could also choose to store them in a garden log cabin or shed. "For vulnerable climbers, fix bubble wrap, horticultural fleece, old net curtains or anything over them," added Mr Colborn as another tip.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 14 December 2010
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Gardeners offered plant protection tips this winter

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