Cat chases bear from log cabin

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A log cabin owner in Canada watched from the safety of their timber home while a bear wandered onto the veranda to steal a bag of rubbish.

However, the large animal was not going to get the trash without a fight after house cat Mimmie took exception to the brown bear's presence in her territory, the Daily Mail reported.

The brave feline chased the bear back off the veranda and squared up to it in the yard, with the log cabin owner filming the whole sequence of events from inside.

The video, which is posted on YouTube, shows the bear drop the bag as Mimmie chases it downstairs.

After staring each other out for a few seconds, the bear cheekily darts past the cat to snatch the bag before beating a hasty and sheepish-looking retreat off into the woods.

Meanwhile, the Swindon Advertiser has revealed that close to £1 million is to be spent on a disabled facility, including a log cabin for indoor activities.

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Cat chases bear from log cabin

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