Alaska State Parks invests in log cabin

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Alaska State Parks has invested in a new log cabin for its Quartz Lake site, which will be available for hire to the public in winter.

According to the Daily News Miner, the timber building, which sleeps up to six, was erected to replace the existing dilapidated log cabin built in the early 1990s.

The old structure will be moved to a new site and used as a storage shed for the park authority's tools.

Built from three-sided, eight-inch logs, the new log cabin will be used by volunteer campsite hosts in summer and ice fishing enthusiasts or other recreation seekers in the colder months.

It is one of six log cabins available to the public over the winter period, which can cost from $20 (£12.11) to $50 per night.

With six bunk beds in the bedroom, the log cabin also features its own stove for cooking, which could be used by successful ice fishermen in the winter.

Meanwhile, a Daily Mail journalist recently recorded his encounter with a black bear while building a log cabin in Alaska.

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More Log Cabins Articles
Alaska State Parks invests in log cabin

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