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Some misleading companies claim that "more springs means more bounce" - absolute nonsense, more springs purely means that it is impossible to bounce.

The Frame:

The frame is the most important part of any trampoline. Basically the least number of joints the stronger the frame.

It should be well designed and engineered from heavy gauge steel, galvanised inside and out to ensure that it is rustproof. It should slot together with ease. The thickness of steel should be between 12 and 16 gauge. The lower the gauge number the thicker the steel. As a guide 1.5mm thick steel is 16 gauge, 1.8mm thick steel is 14 gauge and 2.5mm thick steel is 12 gauge.

It is a fact that if there is a potential weak point in ANY make of frame it is the welded leg sockets on the mainframe top rail.

An exclusive feature of our trampoline frame is the addition of extra steel plates over all the welds to reinforce the leg sockets so you won’t experience one of ours breaking.

The Bed (jumping area):

Ensure that the bed is manufactured from Grade A (or No. 1) non-abrasive, Permatron polypropylene mesh material with a number 710 per square inch burst strength and has galvanised steel triangular “V” rings for spring attachment. The stitching around the edge should be in UV proof thread.

Don’t be fooled by companies claiming that their models feature a unique “back to the middle” action by giving it a fancy term as part of their incredulous sales technique. ALL round trampolines guide the user back to the centre of the bed. We all know this as centrifugal force!

The Springs:

You are not just buying a trampoline you are buying the bounce.

It is not only the number and length of spring that determines the bounce but also the characteristics of each spring. All our springs are of the helical coil type in 8-gauge high tenacity steel wire, zinc plated with a resilience that is designed for a fantastic bounce, again and again.

Avoid trampolines that have elasticated bands of webbing sewn into the bed rather than springs. These trampolines give a very hard bounce that jar the ankle, knee and hip joints. Once the elastic rots you will need a new bed, as the bands cannot be replaced, unlike a spring. You will never see a competition trampoline with elasticated webbing bands.

The Frame Padding:

From a safety point of view the trampoline should have the best padding possible. They should be extra wide to cover the frame and springs, slightly over-lapping the bed and thick enough so that you cannot feel the frame underneath.

Avoid frame pads that feature “swimming pool mesh” to the underside with claims that it is there to let rainwater out – it shouldn't get in! This material is extremely flimsy and will certainly tear after just a few weeks use.

All our trampoline pads are produced from UV proof, heavy duty, polyester reinforced PVC all round with a 30mm thick impact resistant closed cell polyethylene foam infill with a unique anti-stress fastening system so not only are they the safest and toughest around they are also waterproof.

Added to this we give you the choice of colour from royal blue or forest green as standard. If you want to personalise your trampoline we can manufacture the padding in a wide range of other colours or even multi-coloured at an additional cost.

The Protective Cover:

Protective Covers are often given the incorrect term of "weather covers".

Although the trampoline that you choose should be one that can be left outside in all seasons the cover is there to protect it against falling leaves, dirt, bird droppings, UV rays etc to prolong the life of your investment. When fitted it can also tell the trampolinist that it is now “out of bounds”.

Our covers have a number of drainage holes in the centre to allow any rainwater to escape through the mesh bed. These are essential in preventing the inevitable build-up of water in the centre.

The Warranty:

Beware of spurious “lifetime guarantees” offered by some companies as we know that their interpretation of “lifetime” will undoubtedly differ from yours and will they be there to honour it anyway – we doubt it !?

All of our trampolines carry the most generous and comprehensive warranties in the industry backed by an After Sales Service that is second to none.

In the unlikely event that a fault occurs with any of our products we will solve the problem with the utmost courtesy and urgency.
Our guarantee covers against faulty materials or workmanship but excludes misuse, abuse, accidental damage and adverse weather conditions.

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