US family restore log cabins

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A family in Illinois, US, have restored three 18th century abandoned log cabins to their former glory to use as their home after dismantling them and moving them more than 300 miles.

The Daggets enlisted the help of both parents' fathers and drove the pieces of their homes from Cave-in-Rock to Morris before spending the next few years turning them into a home.

Todd Dagget, a blacksmith by trade, built much of the home and added many pieces of his own work, including a new kitchen and slate floor for the foyer, the Morris Daily Herald reported.

Many of the ornaments around their log cabins come from their family history, such as the desk built by Mr Dagget's great-grandfather.

One of the highlights of the home is the original fireplace taken from the 18th century log cabin.

The centrepiece was dismantled and rebuilt stone by stone by the owner and his brother.

Brits are able to get their own log cabin with much less effort by ordering one for their garden. A range of choices exist and they can be used as garden offices or summerhouses.   - 18 November 2009
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US family restore log cabins

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