Tips for building a water feature

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Garden owners looking to improve their green space may decide that building a water feature is the way forward.

US news provider the Signal recently published some tips on how to get the best out of a garden pond.

The online resource explained that while concrete bases and pond liners do a similar job at keeping the water in, the former can often be cracked by tree roots that work their way underneath them.

It also advised gardeners that they should add products to purify the water if using tap water in order to help plants and fish flourish.

Adding fish to the water feature should stop any build up of mosquito larvae, which can help reduce the chances of the pesky insects causing problems at barbecues.

Water lilies are often a favourite of pond owners and should be grown in full sunlight at a depth of between 18 and 30 inches.

Gardeners looking for inspiration may also find it at the Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place this week.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 24 May 2010
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Tips for building a water feature

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