Remember the basics this spring

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With spring underway and summer fast approaching, a US website has reminded garden owners not to forget the basics.

Tracy Press suggested that growers give their outdoor plants a good watering in the morning, as this is the optimum time for hydration both in terms of disease avoidance and growth encouragement.

However, gardeners should remember that there is a difference between plants in pots and those in the ground.

The former will require watering every day during summer, while the latter need a good soak on a regular, but not daily basis.

Another good piece of advice is to avoid using weed-and-feed fertiliser on lawns which have trees, shrubs or other plants growing nearby.

While the product may work well for the grass, it can harm other species in the close vicinity and should be used with caution.

Similarly, fertilisers and pesticides used in inappropriate areas and quantities can lead to runoff, damaging ground and surface water stocks, which will eventually harm nearby plants.

In other news, Horticulture Week recently reported that new figures show B&Q's to be the UK's most popular home and garden website.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 13 May 2010
More Garden Offices Articles
Remember the basics this spring

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