RHS: Sketch garden designs first

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Planning a garden design can be a tough task for the beginner, but the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has suggested that it could be beneficial to sketch out your plans before work commences.

Homeowners should think about using shapes to create a pattern in their green space, with careful consideration given to the size of the plot.

The sketch should include the position of the house, doors, windows, walls and any garden buildings to allow an accurate portrayal of the canvas.

It may also be beneficial to use metres and centimetres as multiples of ten are easier to work with than feet and inches.

This will also smooth the process when buying materials as most are now sold using the metric system, rather than imperial.

Planning the garden on paper will help identify any potential issues before any money is spent, allowing a solution to be found virtually cost free.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently revealed that a memorial garden near Slough has been upgraded to Grade I status.   - 10 February 2010
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RHS: Sketch garden designs first

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