Police tell garden office owners to take down mesh

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Police in Kent and Surrey have told shed owners to take down wire mesh as it is dangerous and can hurt criminals attempting to break in.

Such advice has angered homeowners in the towns and villages in the counties, particularly if they have suffered from multiple spates of theft.

"We are constantly advising home owners to protect their property and the contents of their shed or garage, however, a commonsense approach needs to be taken," PC John Lee, a crime reduction officer for Tandridge, told the Telegraph.

People who own an attractive log cabin or garden office can ensure that their outdoor building is protected by installing double or triple glazing. This can also keep the structure snug during winter evenings.

Reformed burglar Richard Taylor told the Telegraph that covering the drive in gravel can also act as a deterrent to criminals, as well as owning a dog and planting nettles or thorn bushes.
    - 14 February 2011
More Garden Offices Articles
Police tell garden office owners to take down mesh

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