Mediterranean natives best for gardens with no rain

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With many locations having to make do with small amounts of rain in recent weeks, individuals have been told that they may be best served to focus on plants native to the Mediterranean area.

Val Bourne has suggested ten plants that are best at surviving without watering and could prove a welcome addition to a garden to be positioned alongside a log cabin or garden office.

One of those recommended are silver heat reflectors that are commonly associated with the Mediterranean region and reach water reserves thanks to their deep root systems.

She explained: "Aromatic silver-leafed plants, and those with pungent foliage, produce an oily film on their leaves that acts as a sunscreen while minimising water loss.

"Most flower in summer and their sugar-rich nectar pleases the bees. These plants do most of their growing during the winter and, in this country, cannot be cut back safely until spring."

Ms Bourne also suggested that water storage plants such as Mexican dahlias, salvias, penstemons and gaura also have the ability to survive any drought periods.

Phlomis is one example of a silver-leafed plant, with the colour of the flowers varying between yellow, purple, white and pink.

Posted by David Webb   - 16 July 2010
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Mediterranean natives best for gardens with no rain

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