Log cabin owners should plan garden from within

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Those designing a garden and thinking of adding a log cabin should work their way from the centre of the plot outwards, it has been suggested.

According to the Independent, the traditional British method is to start at the perimeter and build the garden inwards.

However, the newspaper revealed that this can leave growers with small borders, trapped in by a path and a large space in the middle that usually becomes a lawn.

To counteract this, garden enthusiasts should plan their area in their mind, rather than on paper, which should stop them adding too many features - a common problem among amateur garden designers.

The newspaper advised homeowners to select a centrepiece - such as a log cabin or garden office - and add complementary plants and items as necessary, rather than just for the sake of it.

By exploring their green space physically, gardeners are able to select species and features that will benefit the landscape.

Other possible features include ponds, trees, benches and raised flower beds.   - 16 November 2009
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Log cabin owners should plan garden from within

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